What is Cross Roads Kids?

Every week at Cross Roads, our Children’s Ministry offers each child a place that they can come and worship in an environment that is designed specifically to teach them about Jesus on their level. We teach the bible in a fun, creative and relevant way.

While your child is here they will experience energetic worship, exciting skits, and fun games. We value having a safe environment for our kids to worship in with adult volunteers who they can have as a consistent role model.

Visiting Cross Roads for the first time?

Visiting somewhere for the very first time can be stressful! We want your visit to be stress free for you & your children. On your first visit - our KIDS CHECK-IN area is located on the 2nd Floor. You will be greeted by one of our volunteers to help you get your kids checked-in



We believe that all people were created by God to be connected with other people. This is why we value building relationships within our Children’s Ministry. Jesus didn’t call any one person to do the work of the Kingdom, but a community of believers to advance his Kingdom. At Cross Roads we are committed to building lasting relationships with your kids.

Safety & Security

We understand the importance of the safety of your children. At Cross Roads we take the responsibility of caring for your children very seriously. We are committed to the highest level of safety, accountability, and standards for all of our Children’s Ministry activities.


We believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God and we are committed to teaching the Bible. At Cross Roads we go deeper than just merely teaching Bible stories, we teach kids how to actively apply the principals and underlying truths to their lives on a daily basis. We strive to always teach the Bible in a way that will impact the kids in a way that they will go out and positively impact the world around them.


We value having FUN! We strive to always be creative and engaging each and every week. We love to use games, skits, and crafts to teach kids on their level in a way that they like to learn. We strategically make our environment fun so that your kids will always want to come to church to learn about Jesus.